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Online Product Returns:
Manual for completing online returns

In order to submit product returns online,
open this link:

You can also e-mail product returns to:
Download e-mail returns from one of the links below
product return for e-mail (.xls format)
product return for e-mail (.xlsx format)

You can also fax product returns to:
(012) 349 9200
product return for fax

For monthly data on maize & wheaten products,
follow the products link under the Monthly Data/Information heading
in the navigation bar.

We are now online

On 14 November 2014, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
announced new statutory measures for the
 manufacturing of maize & wheaten products.

Co-workers already registered, can now submit their returns
(see the product information box on the left)


To comply to the abovementioned statutory measures,
manufacturers of these products have to register with SAGIS.

If you are not yet registered, follow the links below:

- Statutory measure i.r.o. registration of  maize & wheaten products

- Statutory measure i.r.o. submission of returns for maize & wheaten products

- Application form for maize, wheaten & oilseed products
- Application form for pan baked (bread only)
(please complete and e-mail or fax to: or 012 349 9200)

Maize & Wheaten Products